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Hello all,

Welcome to the new HHNBMEDIA! There's not much to say except you must register here and then join/watch this community by going here. The button should be located to the right, next to the advertisement. If you need any help please leave a comment. For now this community only support uploaded media/video of the duo, if there are high demands for other posts please let us know.

Once you have registered and joined, please (if you wish) write a little introduction by clicking on "post to this community" above or simply by clicking here. From then on I recommend you explore this wonderful website, friend friends and start your own personal journals. If you're interested, you may add me as a friend, my journal is klavang . Hope to make new friends!

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[Please Read] Welcome!

Hello you,

First off, welcome to HHNBMEDIA - your ultimate source for Fly to the Sky media! Anyone is welcome to post and share with everyone, in fact the team here encourages you to! This community is members only, meaning you must register here on LiveJournal and Join/Watch this community to see all media of any sort. There's not much rules and if there are, surely they are not hard to follow. Below are a few guidelines that we want every member to read and understand. Please do so! Thank you.

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I believe that is all that needs to be mention. If there is more I will edit this post.
Please direct yourself back here if you need have questions.